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5 Autumn Top Tips for Your Home Maintenance


While there’s still some sunny yet cool days left,  it makes sense to get ready for winter now. It’s much more work to fix a problem around your home in Winter when it’s cold and raining!

Here’s a few tips to get you going this Autumn.



1. Clean your Gutters


Since you probably haven’t cleaned your gutters since last winter, it’s now time to clean your gutters out, or get someone to do it for you. Clogged gutters can lead to a wide range of problems from damage to your gutters with rust and corrosion, to overflowing, or the worst result being water going underneath your gutters and running into your house. This can lead to much worse issues. It’s best to address it now, and then also again at the start of winter when all of the leaves have fallen from your deciduous trees. If you’re not sure, get a quote from a professional gutter cleaner. 



Tip: Look at getting gutter mesh/ gutter guards installed to prevent debris from blocking your gutters.


2. Check your Roof


Before the rains come, it’s a good time to check your roof as it can be quite difficult to find the source when its pouring with rain!


Tiled Roofs:

  • Look for mould and lichen, as these actually start to eat your tiles by absorbing the minerals within them and over time makes them brittle.
  • Look for broken tiles & cracks ,especially if you have had other trades on the roof.
  • Look for weakened ridge caps, (the ridge cap is the inverted “V” at the top of the roof). What to look for in the ridge caps is the pointing (the cement joins between each tile). These deteriorate over time and are critical in waterproofing your roof.
  • Look for any sagging in your roof, as movement is a huge problem, especially in areas where foundations are shifting.





For Colorbond Roofs:


  • Check your roof panel edges where they overlap onto an adjacent panel. Gaps as small as 0.3cm (3mm) can create leaks in heavy rains.
  • Inspect your screws to make sure there are none rusted.
  • Also check the sealed seams around the upper edges of the flashing where vent ducts and pipes go through the roof.



If you need help with this call a professional Roof plumber. 


3. Seal the Drafts


Cold air drafts from doors and windows are never fun to sit next to, unless you’ve just finished a workout and need to cool down! These drafts are a major cause of heat loss in the house, and by making sure your house has no drafts can save on your heating costs too. You can use a weatherstrip on your doors and windows which will help with the draft, but not always be the solution, as they do breakdown over time. If you’re not sure, have a professional to come have a look (Carpenters or experienced Handymen). 


4. Check your Heating


Whatever heating system you have, it’s best to have it inspected by a professional. Autumn is the best time to do this to beat the rush for winter’s last minute customers.

  • For Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners, listen for any unusual noises or humming - this could be a problem within the system. Make sure your filters are clean. If you need help, again be sure to call a qualified air conditioner tradesman. 
  • For Fireplaces it’s a good time to clean it; make sure your flue/chimney has been cleaned. And check your brick tiles to make sure they haven’t cracked.



5. Inspect Hardscapes


Driveways, paths and stairs can be a hazard anytime of the year, but they become a danger when it’s slippery and wet. Autumn is a good time to fix any cracks or any uneven areas. If there are areas of moss, get the high-pressure hose out and give it a clean, as no one wants to slip over when their running to get out of the rain!