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7 Things You Need to Know About Your Carpet & Upholstery 
7 Things You Need to Know About Your Carpet & Upholstery 
As a Landscaper, a bloke, a vegie grower, and a dog owner myself I have always assumed Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery cleaning was needed when well... When someone else see's it and comments on it like "Wow, Harves mate, yeah i think you need to get that cleaned bud." ! As a landscaper somehow I have perfected the skill of trapping sand and dirt onto my skin and slowly dispersing it around the house. So i have been told. 

Speaking with Clive of Flash-Dry Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery ( one of our members) he's open my eyes to why its so important for our carpets and upholstery to be cleaned regularly, particulary for a boondie* like myself. Check out Clive's 7 Things you need to know about your carpet & upholstery.
*Urban Dictionaries description of Boondie: 
A boondie is an Australian term for a sand cake that is carved from, or broken off of, a larger, hardened pocket of sand. Boondies are typically yellow-orange in colour due to a coating of iron-oxide. It is this iron oxide that causes the quartz grains to stick together. Boodies are intended to be thrown like snow balls. They are less dangerous than rocks, since they disintegrate on impact. 
1. What's the best method for cleaning carpets & upholsteries?
After over 12 yrs in cleaning we know "Dry cleaning" is best as it removes more stains and will preserve your carpets and furniture longer.
2. How often should someone get their carpet cleaned to help prevent dampness, mold exposure, dust mites, and help with asthma & allergens?
We suggest at least once a year for light users and every 3 - 6 months for people with pets or children.
3. What about people with pets should they have their carpet cleaned more regularly?
Yes most definitely to make sure it is sanitised and stains removed
4. Is there any application that can be put onto carpets/upholstery as a preventive for carpet stains, pet urine ?
We can apply a fabric protection for both carpet and upholstery this would prevent soils getting deep into the fabric or carpet base.
5. Should you have a protectant on carpets and upholstery? And if so what’s the benefits?
 Only apply after cleaning and stains removed, or if new, this will prolong the life for years to come.
6. Does regular carpet/ upholstery cleaning help with the longevity of the materials?
Regular cleaning with our dry cleaning system is known to prolong the life of a sofa or carpets, less likely to stretch or spread stains as with steam or wet cleaning. We have customers with carpets 20yrs + and still looking good.
7. Are there any general maintenance tips for people’s carpet /upholstery ?
Tips for maintenance in between cleans is to blot any liquid stains, don't scrub with cheap stain removers. If you are unsure on what to do, call us for advice.
8. Now all our readers want to know, every tradie has one of those “You would not believe me if I told you stories” what’s the funniest/craziest  carpet/upholstery job you have been out to?
We once got called to clean a pram! And a kids child car seat! The owner was amazed how well they came up and dried so quickly.  We love a challenge.

Thanks to Craig from Flash-Dry Cleaning & Upholstery

Thanks to Craig from
Flash-Dry Cleaning & Upholstery.
Based in Pearsall, WA
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