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9 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint at Home…and Save Money Too

1.  Grow Your Own Organic Vegetables

With a little initial investment to buy pots, soil, and seedlings, growing your own vegetables can be a very cost-effective and eco-friendly way to live. There is no need for harmful pesticides as it isn’t mass produced, and within one season you may well and truly start to see the health and financial benefits. It is also a very gratifying feeling to be able to walk to your own backyard and pull up fresh organic vegetables.

2.   Install Solar Panels

With Australia’s ever-increasing electricity charges, and ever-reducing cost to get solar panels installed, it makes sense to invest in Solar Panels. In summer, your bill can be reduced by as much as $350 per 8 week cycle with a 5 kilowatt system. In the near future, Lithium Batteries can be installed to the system as well, meaning that any excess power produced can be stored to use at night, rather than being redirected back to the power grid for a rebate.

As of 2019, a 5kw system with panels will cost between $4000 and $6000 (this includes the current Government rebate), and you can also apply for “green” loans, which are a low-rate loan to encourage more eco-friendly investment. (Most Solar Panel installers can facilitate this loan application).

We can help if you are looking to install Solar Panels

3.    3. Reduce Waste – Chickens, Worm Farm, Compost etc

If you have a little extra land, why not install a chicken pen! Chickens are a fantastic way to reduce waste by giving them your food scraps, and in return they will give you lovely fresh eggs. Do your research on chickens before buying, and be sure to buy females (you won’t be very popular with your neighbours if you have a Rooster waking them up!). If you buy a worm farm or a compost bin, they are also a great way to reuse waste.

Chicken Manure, Worm Farm and Compost Soils are also fantastic to put in your veggie patch!

Need help to build a pen? Search for a Handyman here

4.    4. Plant a Shade Tree

Although it may take a few years to grow large enough, growing a shade tree is beneficial by cooling your yard and home (depending on its location), and also provides more oxygen. Not only that, a shady tree can be a good place to relax.

You can search here for Gardening Services or Landscaping

5.   5. Grass or Liquid Limestone

Either Grass or Limestone can be a great way to improve the look of your home, as well as huge benefits of cooling your home boundary. Depending on your preferences, grass is more maintenance but is more comfortable, whereas liquid limestone is virtually maintenance free after the first two protective coats have been applied after installation. To get some quotes, search here for Grass/Lawn/Turf or Liquid Limestone

6.   6. Whirly Birds

Normal insulation is not usually enough to prevent head radiation into your home throughout the hotter months. If your roof space receives adequate ventilation, it effectively reduces the heat radiation being transferred. This is a more natural way to cool your home, and will also reduce your power bill as you will use fans and air conditioners less. In winter, whirlybirds remove damp air trapped in roof spaces, which means your power/gas bills will also be reduced. Whirlybird Installers can be found here Insulation Install & Removal

7. Buy energy efficient appliances – Star Rating

Replacing your old appliances with new, energy efficient ones can also be a simple way to reduce both your power bill and carbon footprint. For example, an energy efficient washing machine will help you save 25% of running costs and 15% for dryers over your lifetime! Need a repair to your energy efficient appliances? Click here to search for Appliance Repairs

8. Unplug Your Appliances – Use a Surge Protector

It is well known that if you unplug your devices from the wall, it can save on power consumption. In this day and age though, this is not a very user friendly system, with the multiple devices we have in this day and age. Want to simplify it?

Why not buy a Power Surge Protector. Then you can plug in multiple devices at once and turn them all off with one switch. Need Help? You can search for an Electrician .

9.  Replace your Lightbulbs

Replace your old halogen lightbulbs with energy efficient ones. A 5 Watt LED globe produces the same amount of light as a 50 Watt halogen globe.

Not only are you reducing your carbon footprint, but you are reducing your lighting costs by up to 90%!!!!