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Choosing the right mulch

Budget/Black Mulch

It’s the cheapest one, there’s a reason for this:

The colour doesn’t last long

Breaks down a lot quicker

Doesn’t hold as much water as other mulches

Great for Home tidy-up when selling your home or before rent inspection.

Karri & Peat Mulch

The Best black mulch though more expensive, in the long run you will save money

                Black colour holds at least 3 times longer then Budget/black mulch

                Doesn’t breakdown as quickly

                Holds a lot more water

Has nutrients in it for plants

Perfect for every garden native or tropical.

Wood Chips

Woodchips are good for aesthetic qualities if you are after that look.

                Not the cheapest

                Most woodchips will fade to grey (you can turn them every few months to re-gain some colour

                You can get dyed woodchips that don’t fade as quickly

                No nutrients in the mulch

                Easy to spread as it is light (good on the old back)


Please do not use council mulch as it hasn’t had enough time to breakdown into a mulch, you get a lot of seeds that you don’t want, plus it can have a fair few toxins that a lot of plants will not like. Council mulch should be used for council areas.

Also if you are after something different rather than mulch look at Gingin Loam, Stone Aggregate.