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Need a Quote for some decking?

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Everyone wants to be outside in summer, and with summer approaching, people are looking at starting, or finishing their backyard. One of the main areas is the alfresco area.

Now, if you're looking at getting decking installed you need to know how much you're going to be in for.

If you work off an average alfresco area, 4x4m which is a total of 16sqm.

You would be looking at approx $220 per m2, which would be $3,520

Now the m2 prices vary from Carpenter to Carpenter so you would be looking at a range from $200m2 - $240m2.

Also, choosing different timbers will change the cost of the job.

For instance Pine is the cheapest, most of your common hardwoods are roughly the same price; Jarrah, Merbau, Batu etc.

Obviously using more exotic/less mainstream timbers will cost more per m2.

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