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How to Build a Worm Farm by Ecocrowd


Worm Farm's can be really easy to build from recycled materials and really really cheap!!



1. Find a Bathtub or a large sink depending on how big you want your worm farm to be.

2. Get 2 pine pallets preferably 1.5m x 1.5m for your bathtub as it is nearly perfect size to use.

3. Use your Hammer to take the pallets apart

4. Keep the broken panels for firewood or another project. (If the timber has carcinogens or is treated, do NOT use as firewood!)

5. The large pieces are now going to become our frame for the worm farm

6. Place the bath tube upside down and put your timber down onto the bath tub measuring how much you need to cut the ends and cut them with a circular saw or hand saw.

7. Kwik Grip the timber to the bathtub and drill through approx 6 screws through the fibreglass into the timber

8. Once you have done both sides of the bathtub then its onto the legs.

9. Using the leftover timber from the pallet cut 6 x 750mm legs

10. Kwik grip and screw onto the frame

11. Now we need some braces across our legs so measure the distance between the legs and cut some timber from the pallets to size.

12. Do the middle legs first and make them fit snug against the bathtub.

13. Do the end legs after and make them the same height as the middle one.

14. You will need a lid so you can make that from anything from perspex, to marine plywood, sheet of metal etc.

Position the Worm Farm

 1. Make sure its in a shady spot either undercover or somewhere in the garden which doesn't get direct sunlight.

2. Make sure the area is level so the water will drain out of the bathtub.

3. Place bucket underneath to catch WORM TEA

Worm Farm Set-up

 1. Get a Peat block and soak in 9 litres of water. Peat is a really good bedding to start your worm farm

2. Get some worms either from a garden store or from family/friends or neighbours.

*NOTE YOU WANT ROUGHLY AROUND 500 WORMS to Kickstart your worm farm.


What to Feed Worms

The smaller the better. The worms eat the bacteria on the food so more surface area the quicker they will be able to eat it.

Worms love Pumpkin, corn cobs, watermelon and rockmelon rinds

Worms like Coffee grounds, Tea bags, vegetables, fruits, crushed eggshells, banana peels.

Worms tolerate citrus, onions, garlic.

Keep out of the worm farm: Bones, meat, dairy, oils, salty foods, grass clippings, inorganic products.