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When it comes to building with limestone, whether it’s a retaining wall, feature wall, planter box, or boundary wall, the question is do you build with reconstituted Limestone Blocks, or Natural Limestone Blocks.


Here’s a bit of information about the two;




  • The weight of the blocks is considerably lighter especially when you’re laying a lot of them! For a 500x350x240mm (standard small retaining wall block) weighs 67kg each compared to ReCon 78kg. 11kg is a heap when laying 100+ in a day with 2 people.


  • Easier to cut, Cuts like butter with a new diamond blade.


ReCon Blocks


  • Generally Cheaper by a couple of bucks per block


  • Don't age like Natural blocks; though if you want that look, pour milk over the blocks.


  • Because they have cement in them, they don’t deteriorate over time as fast as natural blocks, plus they are stronger than Natural.


  • Generally, you will get a better line with ReCon as they are from a mould, so they're pretty much bang on the dimensions you ask for, where as Natural can vary slightly.


At the end of the day I think it comes down to personal preference, and what would look better with your overall concept. If you have a more formal garden, or English, or Italian themed garden I would  suggest natural limestone blocks. If you’re going for the modern look, then go ReCon.