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One of the most annoying things about having paving is ants and weeds coming through the cracks! Sweep the little mounds of sand the ants make, and tomorrow you'll see them back in the same spot with new sand mounds. Which means your paving has just sunk that little bit extra!

With that, you'll have some small little weeds starting to pop up. In a couple of days they've taken over your paving area, and your backyard now looks like a war zone!

So, your probably thinking, lets get some ant killer and some weed spray from your local hardware store, and kill everything! Well the chances are your'e not going to acheive much. The first batch will probably die, but a month later they're back again with a vengeance nce!

The best thing to do is go get a high pressure hose, and high pressure spray your paving. Let those weeds fly with the power of the weapon you have in your hand, and drown those ants so they have to go deep into the depths below to escape the water force that's coming at them. While cleaning your pavers at the same time.

Then go to your local Hardware store/Soil yard and get some Pave set. Now Pave Set is a brand but you can get Pave-lock, PaveN-Lock,  Pave-Lok, Joint-Lock, they all do the same thing.

Spread that out like white sand between your pavers, using a broom (not a witches broom, a proper outdoor broom). You'll go through a bit as each 30kg bag will cover roughly 10m2. Make sure that you've swept it all into the cracks and sweep the excess off somewhere else (just not down a drain as it will react with water and harden!)

After you've spread it out then lightly mist (not spray, DO NOT DRENCH IT) lightly mist the area and that will activate the sand to then harden and Boom! No more ants, no more weeds for a good year!

Per 30kg bag costs around $10 (Coverage 10m2 approx) so its not cheap, but you will save your sanity in not seeing those ants and weeds again!