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Top 5 Spring Gardening Tips 
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Spring Has Sprung & It's Time to Get Back into the Garden

Yes we know, it's already Spring and Summer is just around the corner. It's been a wet Winter which is great for the garden and the environment! Now it's time to get into the garden, start planting some herbs and vegies, adjust your lawnmower height, get rid of those weeds and most of all get outside and enjoy the sunshine!

To help you spring into action we have come up with our Top 5 Spring Gardening Tips

Photo by Reliable Scapes
1. Check Your Reticulation System
Now Winter is over most residents can turn their reticulation systems back on for their gardens. This is a great time to go through your reticulation system and check if all your stations & nozzles are working correctly. If you don't know how to do this you can get local professional  reticulation specialists to come out to your property for a reticulation maintenance check up. Click Here to get a free quote today. Before turning your reticulation system back on please check with your local council to see if you can. 
2. Lawn Care
All grasses are now going to start growing faster as it warms up so it's a great time to start getting your lawn back in order.
Weeds: Over winter weeds, prickles and winter grass can start taking over so this is a problem to address before they get out of hand.
Sprinklers: Cut around your sprinklers so they have some space around them.
Aerate Soil: Aerating your soil will help air, water and nutrients to be absorbed into the soil which helps strengthen grass roots.
Fertilise: Spring is the time to fertilise your lawn, helping new growth and stronger roots for summer.
Dethatch: "Spongey" lawn is a sign of thatching which can be fixed by mowing back to the lawns runners. This is best done by professional lawn experts. 
Top Dress: Bringing in new rich organic soil to top dress your lawn will keep your lawn looking the best throughout summer. 

For best results Click Here to get free quotes from local professional lawn experts today.
Photo by CGRD Landscapes
3. Mulching
Mulching your garden is one of the best ways to help your soil retain moisture for you plants. You can never have enough mulch the thicker the better. Making sure you bowl around the base of your plants to prevent rotting. The mulch will help keep your soil moist for longer meaning you will save on the amount of water used in the garden.
Get your gardens mulched today! Click Here and get free quotes from professional local gardeners. 
3. Herbs & Vegies
It's time to get all those wonderful herbs and vegies planted in your vegie patch! If it's overgrown turn the soil over, areate it, add some organic compost and biochar. Then plant some seeds and/or seedlings, mulch and then water in with some organic worm tea to add not only nutrients and microbes but also earthworm eggs into the soil.
4. Fertilise
Now the rains are starting to ease its a great time to top up the garden with some nutrients to all your plants and lawns. We recommend using an organic locally produced worm tea for the whole garden. The beauty of worm tea is it's a full circle recycling system. Using food waste & organic matter fed to worms and then worm tea is produced by inoculating worm castings (worm poo). The end product "Worm Tea" is rich in nutrients, microbes and worm eggs which is the best organic liquid fertiliser for your garden. When using Worm tea your not just helping your garden your helping the environment. 
5. Pest Control
Protect your garden from pests like snails, aphids, scale, cabbage moths and many more. There's many organic pesticides out there, even D.I.Y homemade mixes that you can use to help prevent pest infestation in your garden. Also look at companion planting around your herbs and vegies to help prevent pest infestation.
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