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Why You Need Professional Photos

A Great Photo Speaks a Thousand Words!
Especially now days with Social media playing a massive role to connecting businesses with potential customers.

Every tradie business can benefit from professional photos whether your a plumber, landscaper, builder, electrician, handyman, cleaner, it doesn't matter which trade you are the importance is still the same.
Your Photos Represents Your Brand
Low quality, unprofessional photos on your website & social media will communicate the same about your organisation & the services you provide. Don't forget first impressions last and you are selling your services to the public.

Professional photos can be pricey depending on travel to job sites, what type of images they need to be. But they will pay off in the long run.

For customers who are wanting to choose which tradie they go with they want to see what you do, how you do it and why you do it. This is where you sell your services, and by showing them great photos which emphasise the awesome work you do they will be like "Wow, these guys know what their doing and they look so professional!"

Now if professional photos aren't in your current budget, or if you like to do a few social media posts from time to time and are doing some action shots of works in progress then next time you take some photos remember these steps:
1. Take Your Time:
Your probably sweating profusely, covered in dirt or whatever you've be rolling around in. Take 5, rub that sweat and filth off yourself.
2. Clean Your Camera
Your phone is probably dirtier than you, im not talking about what's on it but the camera lens. Find something clean if you can or get some dunny paper from the porta-loo and clean the lens. The amount of times we see tradies with a big glaring streak through the photo. Clean it. your phone even these days let's you know when your camera is dirty so listen to it and clean your phone.
3. Go To Your Camera Settings
Most tradies keep their photo quality on medium to low so they don't take up much space... No one wants to look at a low-resolution, pixelated, blurry image. Change your camera settings to the maximum it goes. If you don't know how pass it onto your lackey who should be able to figure that out. 
4. Find a Good Angle
Don't take a photo that is on the piss, close up and blurry, directly facing the sun or in a dark crevasse so you can see anything. Find a spot that takes in your work that you have been busting your arse doing all day or all month. If your struggling with finding a spot revert to step 1.
5. Remove the construction debris around you.
The amount of times we see photos that look top knotch and then to the right of the image there's a ice coffee, a bag of HJ's, a pack of durries and a paint tin you've been sitting on for smoko. Just move it, that's it, real simple just shimmy it out of the road so its out of the photo's range.Oh and don't forget to make sure your large fingers are out of the camera's lens as well!
5. Stand Still, & Take a Few Photos.
It can be hard standing still. Concentrate, breathe, and start pressing the button, get a few shots from different angles. And BANG your done!
These last 4 Pro Photos are from one of Need a Tradie Members
J & k Reed Constructions
We helped out with building Jayden a custom website, while we were building the website we told Jayden to get some pro photos done of his latest projects. So he did and well you can see it pays off throughout his website we used pro photos and built his business story through the about us page. This is how to communicate to potential clients. Chec out his website https://www.jkrc.com.au/ 
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