Why Choose Need a Tradie?

Simple Job Lead System

As a registered Tradie Member, you will receive an instant sms as well as an email when an enquiry comes into your area. From there you can call the potential client to provide a quote.

Need a Tradie Directory

If you don’t already have a website, now you do! We provide you with a detailed directory listing & web page. This includes the information about your business, what trade and services you specialise in, pictures of your work, and your contact details. Please see some of our current tradie members at www.needatradie.net.au/directory


We, the management team, are blue collar workers ourselves. We have run our own business and managed teams of contractors onsite, so we have experienced what you experience.

100% Australian

We support Australian small businesses and none of our operations are, or ever will be outsourced. Team Australia!

Quality Over Quantity

We only want the best, most reliable tradies to sign up with us. In line with our company Mantra, we will never undermine our values for the sake of signing new members.

Online & Newspaper Advertising

We run focused, as well as broad advertising, on behalf of or Tradie Members. As we grow and evolve we will expand our advertising mediums.

Our Personal Touch

We call all new members to customise their web page on our Need a Tradie website – let’s expand your business, together! Not sure of something? Don’t worry, one of our team will call you to verify all details before your web page goes live. If you have any questions call us on 1300 457 113

Sign up now and start getting job leads, Only $99!

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